Tasdragon Chronicle

“If everyone fought for their own convictions there would be no war.” ― Leo Tolstoy, War and Peace

New book now available free online:





“Convicts, Patriots and the Women Who Stood By Them”

Illustrated version available free onlineThis book is written as a tribute to some of my ancestors who found themselves in Tasmania either by birth, choice or a barbaric penal system. Each has contributed to the growth not only of this State but of Australia as a whole, either by the sweat of their brow or in a number of cases by taking up arms in a common cause, some paying the supreme sacrifice on battlefields far from home. I have taken the liberty of including a “thumbnail” sketch of my own life in chapter one.As you study the facts contained in this book it is my hope that you will become involved in the existence of those I have written about, and realise the strengths they each had despite the events that shaped their lives.Is this book totally fact?  I am not sure that it is, for much relies on other’s view of events, or oral histories. However, official records and creditable histories have laid the foundation. But always keep in mind this  quote from a  genealogist, I have grown to respect over the years,  “all my research is subject to change”.

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